Research Resources

Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Encyclopedias give basic information on all topics. This is where to start new research.

MA Library!

  • Check for resources in your school library by using this link.

  • Log in to place an item on Hold, or to build a collection.

Gale in Context

  • An online database that is current and media-rich. This is where to go with research after you have the basic facts and checked for local print materials.


  • A journal of record. (Only accessible from campus.)


  • An online database that supplements schools and libraries with highly-acclaimed resources. This is where to look when you have a solid understanding but need finer details in your research.


  • A collection of databases, e-journals, magazines, ebooks, and so much more! Researchers use this tool when they have specific information needs and specific keywords to use for an advanced search.

  • Scroll down to "Explora Secondary Schools" to search the collection.


  • A full digital library! Yeah, this is college-level information with access to some of the most well respected and highly acclaimed information available. Use JSTOR when you are looking for the last specific facts in your research OR when you have conflicting research.

  • JSTOR also has a feature where you can submit your writing and it will search for mistakes or missing parts to your research. Look for the "Text Analyzer."