Contact Information
Who Mentors?

Our mentors are trained adult members of the community and 9-12th grade students who volunteer to develop a one-to-one, consistent relationship with another student (mentee) for the duration of the academic school year. The district-wide program services mentees in grades K-12.

Where does Mentoring take Place?

The program is school-based, therefore all one-to-one contact takes place during the school day on school grounds. Occasionally, there are group mentor/mentee special events supported by the school district. In the past, these events have included trips to Moulton Farm, Paradise Falls Mini-Golf, Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Games, and "Afternoons at the Movies" in the Moultonborough Academy auditorium.


Our mission is to improve the academic achievement, self-esteem and social development of our students.

We provide consistent mentoring relationships to promote a sense of stability, support and friendship among our students and community members. We model and promote the ethical ideals of respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion and moral courage.

What Do Mentors Do?

Mentors commit to spending approximately 40 minutes per week with their mentees. During that time, mentors and mentees engage in social activities that can include: talking, listening, playing board games or sports, computer activities, arts & crafts, baking and sharing hobbies.


If you are interested in learning more about program or how to become a mentor, please contact:

Marti Bolduc Mentor Coordinator (603) 476-4996